Kwok Shum Hubert Mak is registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and Alliance Canadienne de Médecine Alternative & Collège des Ostéopathes Canadiens (ACMA).  He is trained and certified to provide a wide variety of techniques to help you to reach your treatment goals.  He offered relaxation, deep tissue, pregnancy, therapeutic, sport, Thai and Swedish massage. The massage treatment can incorporate acupuncture, dry cupping, fascial stretch therapy (FST), Thai herbal compress (Luk Pra Kob) and more.

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Swedish/ Relaxation Massage

It is essentially a gentle swedish massage with long gliding stroke. Other massage techniques such as efflurage and kneading are often incorporated with much lighter pressure. The therapist's hands are moved in a slow pace.  This calms the nervous system, increase circulation and promote a sense of well being. This is a great way to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.  Patients might even fall asleep during a relaxation massage,  


Deep Tissue Massage

Although deeper pressure is applied, your therapist will check in with you to make sure that it is within your tolerance.  Deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues are addressed.  Your therapist will begin superficially, then gradually ease into deeper layers.  This helps reduce muscle resting tension (MRT) and chronic pain.  After treatment, patient might experience delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS).  This is relatively normal and self care will be given to prevent and or minimize DOMS.


Pregnancy Massage

Depends on the pregnancy conditions and stages, patient will be positioned to reassure comfort and safety. No sustained pressure nor acupuncture will be apply onto the low back and ankle. Although patient find great allievation of tightness from abdomenal massage. Therpaist will not massage the abdomenal region until patient have reached to 2nd trimester.  Hence, please informed your therapist the details of your pregnancy.


Therapeutic Massage

Our experienced therapist will use a wide variety of orthopedic testing to assess the patient's condition and primarily complaint prior to treatment.  This allows the therapist to focus on the potential cause of the problem rather than symptoms.  Deeper pressure might be require during soft tissue manipulation to release muscle tension and allievate trigger points.

Structural Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that is holistic and complementary to conventional therapy.  It mainly treats musculoskeletal issues.  Manual techniques often include soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilization and muscle energy technique.  Essentially, joints are moved and muscles are stretched.  This have a cascading effect to the body as a whole including, nervous system, blood supply and organs. 

Medical Acupuncture

For thousands of years, acupuncture have been used to prevent and treat various health conditions.  It is first seen during the New Stone Age in China.  Since then, acupuncture instrument have been evolved from bian stone to bone needles to bamboo needles to metallic needles.  Currently, disposable stainless steel needles is most widely use.  Researches have evidently support that opioid peptides are released during acupuncture treatments. After acupuncture needle is inserted, within 20-30 secs, methionine enkephalin can cover the up to 9 cm in radius from the acupuncture point.  Met-enkephain is endogenous opioid peptide that has opioid effects.  In addition, acupuncure may also activate the hypothalamus and pituitary gland that lead to a broad spectrum of systemic effects, such as, change in neurotransmitter, neurohormone secretions and blood flow regulation. 

Dry Cupping

Simiarly to acupuncture, this method of treatment have a long history.  Essentially, the cups provide a sunction affect.  Superficial capillaries will break, resulting bruised like mark, ecchymosis, on the skin.  Commonly, plastic and glass cups are used to replaced ancient cupping instrument made of horns, pottery, bronze and bamboo.  Cupping have been used to treat variety of health conditions.  It is believed that cupping can help remove stagnant blood and lymph to improve the flow of qi. It can improve musculoskeletal conditions as well. The lifting affect decreases fascial restriction and improve soft tissue mobilibity.  Therapist can use cupping to lift and drag fluid towards the heart to decrease symptoms of edema. often, patients reported noticable of pain reduction.

Hot Stone Massage

Heated lava stones are used during treatment to massage patient.  Obsidian and basalt stones are used due to their great ability to retain heat.  The heat produces a sedating effect to the nervous system and softens the muscles and fascia.  Hot stones can dilate blood vessels to increase circulation.  The stones can effectively breakdown stiffness and trigger point due to its hard features.    

Fascial Stretch Therapy

The founder, Ann Frederick, started to use FST on high level athlete to prove that the system works. By 1997, researches have been conducted to substantiated the benefits of FST. Fascia is a connective tisse that is weaved throughout our body from skin to bones and penetrates through the cells. It is a unique system to help decrease pain, decompress joint, improve movement by promoting flexibility.  It is a pain free treatment with gentle stretches. This is suitable for all ages, from young childerns to elderly.  Patient's leg will be stablized by a strap onto a massage table. Patients should be in athletic wear.  Depending on the patient's conditions and goals, the entire treatment can be FST or incorporated into parts of a massage treatment. 


Thai Yoga Massage

 Thai Massage have over 2,500 years of history.  It is a combination of meditation, yoga and acupressure.  Traditionally, this is performed on a comfortable mat.  Patients will be passively positioned into yoga posture while compression is applied by therapist's palm, thumb, elbow, shin and feet.  It is performed with slow mindful rhythmic movement accompanied with tractions, stretches and twists.  Patients will be in athletic wear and no lotion or oil is applied.  The compression is often applied along the "Zen" lines.  Zen lines are pathways where energy flow.  it is similar and parallel with meridain lines found in traditional chinese medicine. Thai Massage can greatly improve joint health, range of motion, metal clarity and energy levels.

Thai Herbal Compress

The Thai herbal compress, Luk Pra Kob, traditionally consists a blend of medicinal quality organic herbs such as, dried lemongrass, turmeric, Thai ginger, camphor, tamarind leaves and menthol.  When these herbs are steamed, they release healing properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant.  Hence, the compress can decrease soreness and pain.  Once the skin is heated, the superficial blood vessels are dilated to create passive hyperemia. This increase the local blood circulation to nourish the area the concern.  Due to the unique design of the compress, the treatment area can be heated and massage simultaneously.  

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